A Complete list of companion plants for vegetable gardening. Common name Scientific name Helps Helped by Attracts Alliums Allium Fruit trees, nightshades (tomatoes, capsicum peppers, potatoes), brassicas, carrots Carrots, tomatoes, carrots and African spider plants (Cleome gynandra) together, marigolds (Tagetesspp.), mints       Thrips Asparagus Asparagus officinalis Tomatoes, parsley Aster family […]

[tds_warning] GM debate reaches deadlock: Opinion on genetically modified foods remains divided, but can such agricultural technology help to avoid widespread and imminent famine? [/tds_warning] GM is everywhere – not in the sense of fields and foods, but in public debate and the press.  Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been championed in the fight […]

Agri-investments: Sometimes seen as an alternative – rather than mainstream – investment, agriculture is tipped as a profitable place for investors to put their money Food is one of our most basic needs and agriculture has been central to human existence for thousands of years, yet the sector has always been […]