Are micro leaves the next super vegetable?


Israeli company 2BFresh believes that the mix of a positive nutrient profile, functionality and increased availability mean micro greens are set to be the brand new super meals at the block. Micro greens (or micro leaves) are young sprouts of seeds grown from a lot of fit for human consumption plants harvested 7-20 days after the seedling emerges.

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According to Avner Shohet, CEO and Co-Owner of 2BFresh, part of Teshuva Agricultural Projects, at this point in the vegetation life-cycle micro greens have the very best share of nutrients and minerals to weight. As crops age this ratio decreases, Shohet instructed FoodNavigator during a visit to one of the vital corporate’s greenhouse amenities in Israel, which quilt 1.6 hectares. Small but sturdy 2BFresh cited 2015 research finding micro lettuce to be

“significantly richer in minerals including iron, manganese, zinc, selenium and molybdenum. Further studies confirmed similar results in the mineral content of micro broccoli and spinach.” “

These products are so healthy, they really should be more accessible,” said Shohet.

“Micro greens are a premium product and more importantly they are healthy.”

2BFresh is operating to make bigger availability of microgreens and build awareness of the properties of young crops.


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