The Punjab Agriculture Department has detected locust swarm in Cholistan Desert as regards to Indian aspect of Rajasthan throughout a surveillance campaign. The agriculture groups discovered hundreds of thousands of locust that had been touchdown from India in Cholistan, the agriculture officers instructed The News on Friday. The Agriculture Department […]

Seed is essential in time period of survival of plant species, further propagation and for food purpose. It performs the most important role within the import and export of any nation. Moreover, they’re the most efficient supply of protein starch, vitamins and minerals. Most of the legumes and cereal crop […]

Agricultural scientists from China who set a rice manufacturing report in a Dubai wilderness are increasing their take a look at plantings to search for much more productive traces that suit local palates.The average annual yield-nine.four metric heaps in step with hectare-has already greater than doubled that of earlier rice […]


Powdery mold doesn’t discriminate as to which vegetation it’ll infest and which it won’t. However, powdery mildew does seem to form easier on some vegetation than others. Plants similar to cantaloupe, cucumbers, melons, peas, pumpkins, and squash appear to contract powdery mildew easier as a result of they grow into […]

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