Scientific agriculture will improve meals manufacturing, said Pir Meher Ali Shah-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) Vice Chancelor Prof Dr Qamaruz Zaman. “Universities should create awareness among farmers about modern agriculture to make Pakistan a food sufficient country in order to feed the booming population,” Prof Zaman said at International Seminar […]

Introduction: Rhynchophorus ferrugineus ( Coleoptera: Dryophthoridae) or commonly known as red palm weevil (RPW) is destrictive insect pest of wide range of palm trees.During August 2010, arborists removed a large dying Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis) from a residence in the city of Laguna Beach, Orange County, California and […]

Pesticide mixtures and adjuvant Combining two or more pesticides and applying them at the same time is convenient and cost effective. Most pesticide manufacturers sell some of their products as pre-mixes, but often you must combine two or more pesticides at the time of application. Combinations may, however, affect the […]


Types of pesticides Different Types of Formulations were adopted   internationally.  There   are   common   abbreviations in pesticide formula. Here are some of the most common  kinds  of  pesticide  formulations  available  to  give  a better understanding of what they are: Dusts (D): Dusts are made up of a finely ground mixture of […]

 Pesticide can be in terms as; Active ingredient (a.i.), Emulsion, Fumigant, Impregnates, Pheromones, Phytotoxicity, Solution and Suspension. And the pesticide formulation may consist of: The pesticide active ingredient (a.i.) that controls the target pest The carrier, such as an organic solvent or mineral clay Surface-active   ingredients,   such    as    stickers    and […]


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s mega 10 Billion Tree Tsunami (10BTT) challenge is cheaper than the worldwide estimates for the cost of large plantation to confiscate huge amounts of carbon on the planet. This was said via Adviser to prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam in an exclusive communicate […]

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