Friday, 26 July 2013 By: Baqar Shah, Agriculture Information Bank contributor From times memorable Women have played an important role, side by side with Men in agriculture. In fact the hard part in the field is done by women, plugging the produce like cotton is a back breaking job, besides […]

Education, the cornerstone of a knowledge economy, is given a low priority in developing countries. This is because of the vested interests of powerful but corrupt parliamentarians who find it in their interests to keep the masses subjugated and enslaved. Education brings understanding and awareness, and frees the minds to […]

The federal government has decided to withdraw 5 percent sales tax on sizing, weaving and warping sectors comprising small manufacturers and allow sales tax zero-rating facility to these sectors of the textile chain in budget (2012-2013). Sources told. Farming is Pakistan’s largest economic activity. In FY 1993, agriculture, and small-scale […]


Social Media is the craziest thing in which people of every age and every group of life are involved and actually addicted to it. Average time people spend on Social Interactive sites like Facebook and Twitter is 5-7 hours. So this time is purely dedicated for interaction with people and […]

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