Punjab Prime Minister, Imran Khan has said that Pakistan is facing serious energy crisis due to which all sectors of life, including agriculture, industry and livestock, are being affected badly. He presided over a high level meeting with regard to the projects of generating energy in Punjab. Planning of several […]

Plants, also called green plants are multicellular , autotrophic eukaryotes of the kingdom plantae. Major plant pathogen Bacteria Virus Fungi Nematodes [woo_product_slider id=”64262″] When pathogen attack on plants the genes of pathogen are activated (produce all their weapons of attack e:g enzymes, toxin etc). Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan Mazhar                   Department […]

The genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are the ones organisms whose genetic subject matter has adapted thru positive curious mean like recombination and fertilization. GMOs may also be of different types like crops, animals or microorganisms. The recombinant DNA technology often known as as genetic engineering. Pakistan is an agriculture base […]

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