For the first time since the days of the tsars, Russia this year will be the world’s largest wheat exporter at an expected 35 million tonnes. It will likely export a total of more than 45 million tonnes of grain once corn and barley are added in. Infrastructure constraints pose […]

RICE growers in Sindh expect a bumper crop this season as the province has surpassed the sowing target by up to 80,000 hectares thanks to timely supplies of irrigation water in early May. The increase in acreage has been witnessed in the upper Sindh, mainly in districts located on the […]

Operational Capacity of Ostrich Farm in Pakistan. In this pre-feasibility study, it is proposed to start the business operations with 45 birds in order to make the project cost effective. However, with passage of time capacity of birds can be increased and in the year 10, the farm will be having 1,115 net […]

A study has  warned  that the dry-season irrigated rice in West Africa’s Sahel region has reached the critical threshold of 37 degrees Celcius – the tipping point. It added that further temperature rise could devastate rice yields in the region due to decreasing photosynthesis at high temperatures. According to the […]

| رائس ایکسپورٹرز ایسوسی ایشن (ریپ )کے زیر اہتمام 20فروری کو اپنے انٹر نیشنل بائرز (غیر ملکی خریدار وں)کی خدمات کو سراہنے کیلئے انٹر نیشنل بائرز ایوارڈ کی تقریب دبئی میں منعقد ہورہی ہے رائس ایکسپورٹرز ایسوسی ایشن (ریپ )کے زیر اہتمام 20فروری کو اپنے انٹر نیشنل بائرز (غیر ملکی […]

ISLAMABAD:  The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has initiated an inquiry into a possible collusion between various market players to set prices in the poultry sector. The CCP initiated the inquiry under its suo motu powers after strong indications of organised communication between poultry sector players relating to prices came […]