Living mulch capacities like mulch on any ranch or garden with the exception of – it’s alive. No, it’s not out of the most recent blood and guts film; living mulch is a framework agriculturists can use to profit the two benefits and the dirt. While the framework has been […]

Unwanted plants in crop commonly called weeds reduces the yield and the quality of a harvest. It also increases production costs. In the case of paddy, the yield drops by 15-20% and sometimes even 50%. A harvest that is heavily infested with weeds usually fails in its entirety. Every year […]

Effect of endophytic fungi on growth, production and quality of watermelon under greenhouse conditions Muhammad Awais Khan1, Rashad Mukhtar Balal1 , Muhammad Adnan Shahid1,3 , Muhammad Zubair1 , Mujahid Ali2 and Muhammad Wajid Khan1 1. Department of Horticulture, University College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha 2. Institute of Horticultural Sciences, […]