(By Sidra Bashir*, Mujahid Ali**, Tehseen Ashraf**) (*IFSN, UOS; **Horticulture, UOS) Mango is called “King of Fruits” because of it is most delicious fruit in the world. All kind and age of people like it. It is much sweet in taste. Pakistan is also a big producer and exporter of […]

(M. Modassar Ali*, Dr. Tusneem Kausar*, Mujahid Ali**) (*Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, UOS; **Horticulture, UOS) Industrialization has prompted numerous adjustments in the way of life of the world’s populace, offering ascend to expand the files of a few illnesses, including ceaseless degenerative maladies, for example, insulin protection, diabetes […]

                   (By Rabia Mazhar*, Dr. Farzana Siddique*, Mujahid Ali**, Amber Mazhar*) (*Food Science and Nutrition, UOS; **Horticulture, UOS) As we know that in our everyday life, vegetables are an important source in our daily meals. But no one of us thinks about […]

Ahsan Ramzan, Mujahid Ali, Tehseen Ashraf (Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha) Citrus, mango guava, date palm etc. are major fruits cultivated in Pakistan. Kiwi is a minor fruit, its area of production is very low in Pakistan. But nutritional value of kiwi fruit is very high. […]

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