The Agriculture sector uninterrupted engages in game of Pakistanis financial system since independence. In the early time, it considered a dominant sector however because of the declining its performance because of the political, social, environmental and local weather stipulations its production yield goes down step by step and now it […]


Key Challenges Facing Pakistan Agriculture Introduction The fresh extraordinary building up in international meals and commodity costs has focussed attention, both home and world, on how perfect to cope with the immediate have an effect on of those increases at the poor and the inclined households who spend just about […]

By M. Modassar Ali*, Abdullah Bin Masood*, Mujahid Ali** (*IFSN, UOS; **Horticulture, UOS) Food security is defined as per the World Food Summit in 1996, Food security exists when all people, always, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs, and their […]

Trade between Pakistan and India should be promoted by protecting the rights of stakeholders particularly the growers. It was recommended by the roundtable conference titled “improving economic governance in agricultural sector through trade liberalisation between Pakistan and India” arranged at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. The recommendation was made by […]

Water shortage in Pakistan will increase to 31% of people’s needs by 2025 and this underlines the need for some tangible steps, including water usage charges and building of storages, to cope with the problem. These were the views of speakers at a seminar arranged by the Department of Irrigation […]


By Maheen Taraq The economy of Pakistan depends heavily on agriculture. Importance of this sector is manifold as it feeds people, provides raw material for industry and is the base of our foreign trade.  Foreign exchange earned from merchandise exports is 45% of total exports of Pakistan. It contributes 26% […]

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