Lactobacillus is a naturally happening bacterium. It performs a fermentation serve as within the human intestine and in other cardio situations. Lactic acid helps decomposition of organic subject, which causes much less power loss from excess heat and fuel. In soil, it is idea that the accumulation of heat and […]

Asexual copy imposes evolutionary handicaps on asexual species, rendering them at risk of extinction, as a result of asexual replica generates novel genotypes and purges deleterious mutations at lower charges than sexual replica. Here, we report the primary case of whole asexuality in ants, the fungus-growing ant Mycocepurus smithii, the […]

The most obvious symptom of systemic virus infection is the mosaic pattern of the leaves. Yellowing, chlorosis is also frequent and characteristic sign of the altered photosynthetic activity. Virus infection effects photosynthesis in a complex manner, depending on the particular host-virus combination. The symptoms are basically different in the incompatible […]

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