In Japan, rice paddies are available in various sizes and styles. Like the number of rice paddies, various rising methods come in an abundance as smartly. Especially relating to organic rice. Though, selecting the proper way for rice production very much is determined by the farm’s surroundings. Japan is a […]

PADDY farmers within the Long Langai village situated in the Ba’Kelalan highlands of northern maximum Sarawak have accomplished a pioneering feat. They have produced padi harvests the use of a chemical-free farming means referred to as System of Rice Intensification (SRI). Last week, the farmers proudly confirmed their rice, which […]

UNDERSTANDING THE SYSTEM OF RICE INTENSIFICATION The system of rice intensification is a set of insights and principles applied through certain management practices that promote more productive phenotypes from existing genotypes of rice, whether improved or local varieties. This is accomplished by: Inducing greater root growth; and  Nurturing more abundant […]

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