Who we are

A team that loves to create Forums was established in December 2017 to bring friendly discussion to gardeners everywhere. We love hearing about your latest project, seeing photos of your garden, and helping out with any problems you might have. Plus we’re a very friendly group and we love nothing better to chat with people who share our passion for gardening!

Members of all experience levels are welcome, from people who just have indoor plants to experienced gardeners with a lot of knowledge to share. So whether you want to chat about vegetables, fruit, shrubs, lawns, indoor plants, greenhouses or anything else – feel free to join in the discussion.

What we do

Keep it simple and sharing

We promotes gardening by helping home gardeners succeed, growing in health, knowledge, environmental awareness, and enthusiasm. From vegetables, herbs, fruits, trees, lawns, flowers, and houseplants, we provide people with the information they need to get started in the world of gardening and grow and maintain thriving, sustainable, and environmentally responsible food gardens and landscapes. On the website, gardeners can access a vast and rich resource of articles, information, community features, gardening research, software tools, and all manner of gardening content to find how to grow all kinds of plants, identify and control pests and diseases, or figure out what kind of weeds are sprouting in the garden.