Kharif Vegetables in Pakistan

Kharif crop refers to the planting, cultivation and harvesting of any domesticated plant sown in the rainy (monsoon) season on the Asian subcontinent. Such vegetation are planted for autumn harvest and may also be known as the summer season or monsoon crop in India and Pakistan. Kharif plants are most often sown with the beginning of the first rains in July, all over the south-west monsoon season. In Pakistan the Kharif season starts on April 16th and lasts until October 15th. Main Kharif plants are cotton, sugarcane, rice, maize.

Kharif Vegetables
Field Vetch (Gowar)
Long Melon
Lotus Roats (Bheeh)
Melon Pumpkin
Musk Melon
Water Melon

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