Rosemary Seeds (Herbs Seeds)

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  • Quality tested seeds
  • Germination rate from 80 t0 90 percent
  • 97 percent pure seeds
  • Suitable for home gardener and container plantation
  • Approx. 10 – 12 seeds per packet
  • Free from GMOs and pesticides
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Gardening shop Karachi is a project of Agriculture Information Bank Pakistan on that provide premium quality seeds of seasonal flower, herbs and vegetables. We also provide nutrient-rich organic compost and only liquid fish provider of Pakistan. We always check seeds quality before packing but seed germination required special care for germination. We recommended please read guideline about seeds germination on our website first and after reading start germination.

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Attractive evergreen shurb with grey-green pinnate leaves.Classic herb with spicy flavour use a.o in meat dishes.Slow and erratic germinator.Stratification or Soaking 2 days at 40 ◦C or a treatment with GA3 will enhance germination.

Seeds Requirements Days required for Germination Special Care
Rosemary To germinate, the seeds must be kept moist and the temperature must be kept constant at 27-32°C (80-90°F).Once germinated, rosemary is highly prone to damping off, so keep watering to a minimum, provide bright light, and ventilation 15 to 25 days Covering the seed tray with plastic wrap can help keep the seed moist. Do not allow the seeds to dry out or they will not germinate for you. If growing rosemary in containers, provide monthly feedings of liquid fertilizer.

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<ul class=""> <li class="" data-spm-anchor-id="a2a0e.pdp.product_detail.i0.7a0a7ebdIScyL9">Quality tested seeds</li> <li class="">Germination rate from 80 t0 90 percent</li> <li class="">90 percent pure seeds</li> <li class="">Suitable for home gardener and container plantation</li> <li class="">Free from GMOs and pesticides</li> </ul>

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