The agriculture sector suffered heavily in 2018-19 because of insufficient provide of water: just 84.4 million cubic toes towards the typical annual requirement of 103.5m cubic feet. The overall seed requirement for primary and minor food plants plus cotton used to be estimated at 1.74m tonnes. But the true provides […] put one more stem to take part globally, now we are appear on google advertisement globally. Our website advertisement appears on globally. Advertisement on google means more reader, more sale of products and more website visitors. You can send us your articles at for article publication. You can advertise […]

ISLAMABAD: Climatic variation over the past few days reinforced the unpredictability and uncertainty of climate in the age of climate change. Climate change has two basic elements – one is related to control or mitigation and the other pertains to adapting to changes. Mitigation has limited relevance for Pakistan, but adaptation […]

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