Improving water productivity within the rice ecosystem is inevitable for sustainable rice manufacturing and boosting rice exports of Pakistan from the current $2 billion to $5 billion, mentioned Pakistan Basmati Heritage Association (PBHA) Director Sheikh Adnan Aslam. He was talking at the Khushal Kissan seminar arranged via the association for […]

There are 3 kinds of rice varieties in Pakistan, which are produced for local consumption and export. These are Basmati (aromatic), IRRI variety (medium long grain) and bold grain (cold tolerant varieties). Throughout the world, Basmati rice is quite famous for its pleasant aroma combined with eating qualities and perfect cooking. […]

RICE is grown here under diverse climatic and edaphic conditions. Basmati predominates in traditional rice tracts of Punjab. Temperate Japonica rice is grown in Swat at high altitude in the mountainous valleys. IRRI type long grain heat-tolerant variety of tropical rice is grown in the south of NWFP, Sindh and […]

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