BIO–FERTILIZERS IN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE SUMMARY Experiencing the adverse effects of synthetic input dependent agriculture the concept of organic agriculture is gaining momentum. Almost 31 million hectares of land are currently managed organically by more than 6, 00, 000 farmers worldwide, constitutes 0.7 per cent of agriculture land. India had brought […]

THE rapid growth in population demands increased supply of food which can be optimised with larger use of inputs such as fertilisers. The use of nitrogenous, phosphoric and potassium fertilisers has become indispensable to attain good crops yield. At the same time, fertiliser prices are going up day by day […]

By Dr S.M. Alam and Rizwan Manzoor With a rapid increase in population, the pressure on the agricultural lands for producing more food has also mounted. Even marginal lands are put to production and more demand now is directed to rain-fed agriculture for enhanced output. This means ?more inputs?, among […]

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