Drought, Disease and War Hit Global Agriculture, Says U.N. The United Nations has warned that drought, disease and struggle are combating farmers from generating enough meals for hundreds of thousands of people throughout Africa and other regions.Recurring droughts have destroyed most harvests within the Sahel. Credit:Kristin Palitza/IPS In japanese Africa, […]


Guava it’s Diseases and their Management Guava (Psidium guajava L.) is an important fruit of subtropical countries. It is hardy crop and is cultivated successfully even in neglected soils. It is a small or shrub like evergreen tree. It has slander like trunk with smooth red green bark. Oval shape […]

Plants, also called green plants are multicellular , autotrophic eukaryotes of the kingdom plantae. Major plant pathogen Bacteria Virus Fungi Nematodes [woo_product_slider id=”64262″] When pathogen attack on plants the genes of pathogen are activated (produce all their weapons of attack e:g enzymes, toxin etc). Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan Mazhar                   Department […]

The most obvious symptom of systemic virus infection is the mosaic pattern of the leaves. Yellowing, chlorosis is also frequent and characteristic sign of the altered photosynthetic activity. Virus infection effects photosynthesis in a complex manner, depending on the particular host-virus combination. The symptoms are basically different in the incompatible […]


Alfalfa Sprout Rot Cause. Erwinia chrysanthemi survives for up to 2 weeks on inoculated dried seeds. Air, the water supply, or greenhouse workers may introduce bacteria into a sprouting house. Spread within a tray is by seed to seed contact. Rot is most severe at high moisture and temperatures of 28°C and […]

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