The export of end result from the country witnessed an increase of 6.37 percent all over the first 10 months of current fiscal yr in opposition to the exports of the corresponding duration of ultimate year. The end result’ export from the rustic have been recorded at $ 380.869 million […]

Pakistan and Iran on Thursday mentioned issues on the subject of improve family members within the field of agriculture between the two nations. The matter came under dialogue when Mehdi Honardoost, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran known as on Minister for National Food Security and Research Sahibzada Mehboob […]

As it has with different crops, together with cotton, corn and wheat, China is fast changing into the 800-pound gorilla on this planet’s rice markets.Based on what’s happened in recent times, China is now the highest manufacturer, top client, most sensible stockholder, top importer and a “rising exporter” of rice, […]

ISLAMABAD/Karachi – As part of its trade diplomacy efforts, the Ministry of Commerce has been actively engaged with its trading partners to improve exports and reduce trade deficit. The Ministry of Commerce on Saturday said that for the first time Pakistan would be exporting white rice (non-Basmati) to Indonesia, as two Pakistani companies have […]

Pakistan has become the third largest country in the world that is exporting dates to the rest of the world and with proper attention and appropriate interventions this sector can flourish manifold. The date sector offers substantial opportunities for export, income and employment generation in addition to economic growth of […]


Do you know that if you eat an average apple, you would be taking in more than 30 pesticides and antibiotics even after washing it? The reason is quite obvious. In a hurry for producing more and more crops to satisfy growing demand, producers have had to resort to using […]

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