The international of farming is changing every day. With every new app, trait, fertilizer and pesticide era, farmers are changing into more efficient and productive. In the following couple of a long time, industry professionals from Syngenta expect many changes to take place and for the typical farm operation to […]

An attention-grabbing research backed via the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics unearths that rising organic vegetation is no less than as successful as plants nurtured on synthetic inputs in spite of their low yields in Punjab. It is on account of their low input prices and significant […]

All phosphorus and potassium and half of the nitrogen is broadcast and included in the soil prior to sowing. Phosphorus will also be carried out at the first irrigation if this was once no longer carried out at sowing. The closing part of the nitrogen is most sensible dressed with […]

Since its inception, Pakistan has all the time essentially been an agriculture-reliant economic system. With the Green Revolution of the 60s being a enlargement impetus, the field contributes round 18% to the GDP, employs 42% of the full labour drive, and constitutes 75% of total exports revenue. To picture its […]

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