What is Agricultural Biotechnology? Agricultural biotechnology is a spread of equipment, including conventional breeding ways, that alter dwelling organisms, or parts of organisms, to make or modify products; support plants or animals; or increase microorganisms for specific agricultural makes use of. Modern biotechnology lately contains the gear of genetic engineering. […]

Birth of Recombinant DNA Technology In the early 1970’s, California scientists first succeeded at splicing viral and bacterial DNAs within the take a look at tube, heralding the beginning of the recombinant DNA (rDNA) generation, popularly known as genetic engineering, gene switch generation, gene splicing, molecular biotechnology, and transgenics. This […]

Vegetable Seed Industry Scenario Agricultural production is an very important issue for the life of human race and seed is a vital input for agriculture. Vegetable seeds are the fastest growing category within the total seeds marketplace. Vegetables play a key position in offering an affordable balanced nutrition. Globally, vegetable […]

The genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are the ones organisms whose genetic subject matter has adapted thru positive curious mean like recombination and fertilization. GMOs may also be of different types like crops, animals or microorganisms. The recombinant DNA technology often known as as genetic engineering. Pakistan is an agriculture base […]

Though genetically engineering food the use of science stays debatable in some circles, with considerations about genetically changed corn syrup in sweet and claims that CRISPR can one way or the other be harmful whereas mutagenesis-derived foods may also be classified biological, progress marches on. We’re on our way to […]


Genetically modified (GM) food has been around for decades. Most corn and soy purchased in the United States is GM food. Proponents argue that there are no ill effects on humans with GM food but I completely disagree. I’m not in the minority with my belief that changing the genetic […]

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