Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) has conquered the hearts of American cooks and gardeners, and it ranks right up there on lists of popular culinary kitchen herbs. Since this delicate annual is easy to grow in sunny locations, you’ll be able to incessantly see a pot of […]

Gardeners love kindred souls, and if you decide to grow herbs, you’ll be in the company of plenty of kindred souls, both in the present and from times past. Even before recorded history, herbs were the sources of countless culinary, medicinal, and craft materials. Historically, growing herbs wasn’t a hobby; […]

Potted Basil Plant Now and again, I see people visiting Our Herb Garden who are looking for information on the different basil varieties available. I started out in the naive belief that I would need around half a day to put something together. Order, family, genus, species, cultivar – terms I […]

This is our second in a series of articles on edible butterfly gardens. This article will share with you a number of edible herbs that will attract swallowtail butterflies to your garden but also provide you with some tasty treats as well. As I mentioned in our earlier article on edible butterfly […]

It’s very straightforward to grow powerful medicines which will lower your sterol, shield your heart, scale back your risk of upset, enhance system perform, and shield you from polygenic disease and lots of different chronic diseases. each plant could be a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant provided naturally. It’s sort of a […]