The future of farming has to appear other from farming as of late. Tremendously other. Otherwise, we will be able to chance dropping much more biodiversity, continue with polluting water bodies, driving erosion and running down soil fertility. And we will be able to never reach the UN’s Sustainable Development […]

Say no to chemical fertilizers now! Modern Agriculture has change into extra dependent on chemical fertilizers for increasing yield of crops. Constant use of chemical compounds has spoilt the land, soil and water. Depletion of soil fertility and high costs of chemical fertilizers has forced many paddy farmers, especially within […]

THE rapid growth in population demands increased supply of food which can be optimised with larger use of inputs such as fertilisers. The use of nitrogenous, phosphoric and potassium fertilisers has become indispensable to attain good crops yield. At the same time, fertiliser prices are going up day by day […]


Organic farming involves using techniques to produce good crop yields without harming the natural ecosystem or the people who live and work in it and completely relies on ecosystem management and attempts to reduce or eliminate synthetic agricultural inputs. Concept of organic farming is in process around the globe. During […]

Fertilizer is made of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Chemical fertilizers require huge amounts of energy to produce. But there are other, natural and more readily available sources. The University of Michigan, with support from the National Science Foundation, is working at making our water cleaner, and our agriculture more […]


Article Taken From By Home Grown Mom – Cindy Look around the house and locally for materials you can use to make your own fertilizers. If you like to recycle, also check out “Funny Ways to Recycle Human Hair to Stay Green”. BANANA PEELS  – Eating a banana helps […]

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