“The future is simply data analytics and tech,” therefore for giant agriculture knowledge turns into cash crop consistent with Riensche. He explained how it is via explaining the info of his on a regular basis lifestyles.” For six generations, Ben Riensche’s family has tended corn and soybeans outside Jesup, a […]

Rice research remains an important global undertaking to ensure an adequate food supply for sustainable food security of the poor. Improved technologies for rice productivity growth are critical for achieving food security and reducing poverty in the face of increasing competition for land, labor, and water and the challenges posed […]

Climate experts have been drawing a doomsday scenario with threats of natural disasters such as droughts, floods, water wars and other calamities that can be blamed on global warming. The hoopla has led agricultural researchers to ponder on impending food shortages, and therefore a laborious research has begun to produce […]

ASIAN rice growing systems are undergoing changes in response to economic factors and technological advancement in farming. Dry seed rice cultivation on the mechanical lines is the linkage of past practice with throughput technology, becoming indispensable to address problems like drudgery, high production cost, low quality, low crop intensity and […]

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