After shedding her shut family to most cancers, agricultural engineer Bilge Akgün developed a brand new generation which grows fruit and veggies that don’t carry any chemical stays nor purpose any air pollution. Engineer and entrepreneur Akgün has founded an organization named Hextech Green and recently undertakes experiments at Istanbul […]

The future of farming has to appear other from farming as of late. Tremendously other. Otherwise, we will be able to chance dropping much more biodiversity, continue with polluting water bodies, driving erosion and running down soil fertility. And we will be able to never reach the UN’s Sustainable Development […]

We elevate the public debate about the hazards of pesticides from a human and environmental perspective in the context of a clear solution to the pesticide problem. I start with my conclusion: We can eliminate hazardous pesticides with alternative practices and products that are compatible with organic systems. How we […]

As a farmer, retailer or other business, gaining USDA organic certification status is a savvy and ethical business move. However, it’s not enough to simply claim “organic.” You must make sure that your product is carrying the certified USDA Organic Seal. [ads-quote-center cite=’Author’]JENNIFER CHAIT[/ads-quote-center] The USDA National Organic Standard Seal […]

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