“The Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) for Pakistan is playing an important role in strengthening agricultural research system in Pakistan through providing financial resources, HRD and new innovations. Some farmers are still growing local varieties of various crops which cause low productivity. PASSCO has been given the task of development of […]

Drought has grow to be a common phenomenon in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh because of the local weather trade and an building up in pollution. Keeping in line, the Pakistan Agriculture analysis Council (PARC) has signed an agreement with the Thar foundation to struggle drought in Thar. PARC and Thar […]

The 42nd assembly of the Board of the Governors (bog) to be held right here on Tuesday (tommorrow) for discussing the research priorities to broaden the local agriculture and cattle quarter on modern traces for boosting meals protection and security inside the country. Federal Minister for countrywide food safety and […]

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