The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) released its per month agricultural provide and insist estimates on August 10 and international wheat provides are estimated to be down.The report mentioned that the sector 2018/2019 wheat provide lowered this month by way of 7.1 million tonnes. This used to be basically […]

Pakistan’s rice sector is lagging at the back of in productivity and going through top price of production as compared to different rice-producing nations, mentioned Shahid Tarer, Director Galaxy Rice (Pvt) Ltd. He was talking at a seminar on ‘Water Productivity (WAPRO) Project’ organised by his firm in collaboration with […]

The agricultural mavens have expressed hope that the consecutive rain spells that started in January and feature been continuing in the second month of the 12 months with some intervals, would be a blessing for all seasonal crops, fruit orchids and vegetables. Due to a paradigm shift in weather trend […]

Certain forward-thinking people square measure reinventing farming as we all know it. Indoor, organic urban farms growing food vertically victimization husbandry and aquaponic principles, square measure maturation round the country. The push for different ways of raising food follow partially, on the heels of native governments outlawing owners from growing […]

Trade between Pakistan and India should be promoted by protecting the rights of stakeholders particularly the growers. It was recommended by the roundtable conference titled “improving economic governance in agricultural sector through trade liberalisation between Pakistan and India” arranged at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. The recommendation was made by […]

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