Name Month Requirements Days for Germination Special Instruction Antirrhinum Winter Cover the planting tray or pot with plastic (or a dome) to preserve moisture and then place it in a location with temperatures between 16 to 22 degrees celsius and bright, avoid overhead watering 10-20 days For best results, sow […]

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, Asteraceae) is a non-caloric natural-source alternative to artificially produced sugar substitutes. The sweet compounds pass through the digestive process without chemically break- ing down, making stevia safe for those who need to control their blood sugar level (Strauss 1995). There have been no reports to date […]

This is basic guide related to seeds germination, seeds germination required all seeds related information. If instructions not read and not properly read instruction may lead to germination failure. Please read all instruction before start germination of seeds your have purchase from agrinfobank.com.pk or Gardening shop Karachi

To soak seeds, place them in a clean container and cover them with room temperature water. Let them sit for between 3 and 24 hours. Strain them and pat them dry with a paper towel. If you soak your seeds, plan to plant them directly afterward. Don’t let them dry […]

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