In Pakistan: In Pakistan, sugar production is 6 million tones and the consumption is 200,000 tons (USDA Analysis, May, 2017). Sugar is the 2nd largest industry in Pakistan after Textile. The estimated per capita consumption of sugar in Pakistan is 25 kg which is highest in Asia comprising China with […]

Sugar: A white poison: There was a time when people eat Healthy homemade sugar (gurr) and live a long, healthy life Sufyan Awan Student, University of Agriculture Faisalabad Then suddenly a new scientific approach introduced and it totally put us apart from health and harmony, in villages specially, and started to […]

The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) has constituted 35 committees across the country to promote the agricultural sector which was neglected in past to save the country from food security. The committees would boost regional trade and monitor agriculture import and exports trade patterns, including import pricing, and highlight issues and […]


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Saccharum officinarum INTROUDCITON: Sugar cane is C4 plant it is a parineal crop. The plant takes 10 to 12 month under Pakistani condition. 18 month under Australian condition and 24 month in Cuba and Brazil condition to complete its life cycle. The plant grows from seed set called […]

Tajikistan has set new conditions for the import of sugar from Pakistan and now it is seeking a price of $20 less than international market instead of already agreed price. For last eight months, Pakistan and Tajikistan are negotiating to mature a sugar export deal, however, the deal is still […]