Kharif CropsThe Kharif crop is the summer crop or monsoon crop in Pakistan and  India.Sown in :  beginning of the first rains in JulyHarvested :  during the rainy (monsoon) season , between April and OctoberMajor Kharif crops of India include Rice, Millets (Bajra and Jowar), Maize, Mung bean, Groundnut, Red Chillies, Cotton, Soyabean, Sugarcane, […]


Some foods are fun to eat, and watermelon is definitely one of them.  That triangular wedge of bright red/white/green, sweet juiciness forbids us to take life too seriously and shouts, “SUMMER!!!” As if that weren’t enough, watermelon is packed full of nutrition, hydrates and is low-fat. While many of us […]

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