What is organic matter

The most important part of a good soil is organic matter. Most of the peoples consider organic matter is a single thing or compound in the soil but it is a diverse nature of composition that results due to the decomposition process of plants, animals and other organisms. When decomposition process of animals and plants started many diverse compounds produce that make organic matter helpful to improve soil structure, texture and fertility.

Animals and plants are made-up of basic elements like carbon, nitrogen etc, decomposition is the process of return all these minerals/elements to the soil that involved helped of micro and macro organisms. Common materials that used in composting are; leaves, roots, stem, animal manure, animal urine, birds feathers and hairs and microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and nematodes that decompose all organic materials into organic matter.

Organic matter formation stared from decomposition by macro and micro organisms lead to mineralization, in simple words we can say organic matter formation is the process of conversion of organic or living beings into its fundamental inorganic form like minerals, soluble or insoluble. These minerals are flowing through the water soluble and used by living plants and other organisms or if not used by living plants or organisms organic matter change into stable called HUMUS by the process of humification.

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