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32 Cute DIY Plant Marker Ideas For Container Gardeners

Learn how to create Garden Markers for your container garden, choose from this extensive list of 32 DIY Plant Marker Ideas!

1. Recycled Can Lids Garden Marker

For this recycled garden marker idea, you’ll need can lids, forks, and a few other items. 

2. Tea Bag Plant Marker

Perfect idea if you have a windowsill herb garden or an indoor kitchen garden.

3. DIY Seedling Marker

Give names to your seedlings to save yourself from the confusion, once they pop out of seed pots and trays.

4. Antique Stamped Spoon Plant Marker

This antique spoon plant marker goes well the herbs growing in the teacup as seen the picture.

5. Aluminium Duct Tape Garden Marker

Plastic knives and the aluminum tape is what you need to create these beautiful garden markers.

6. Wooden Spoon Container Herb Garden Marker

Cool idea to follow if you have a container herb garden. Plant wooden spoons to mark your plants.

7. Seed Packet Plant Marker

You can use empty seed packets as plant markers in your container garden as well.

8. Tin Can Lids Garden Plant Labels

Turn can lids into plant markers, this DIY idea will give you an idea that you can recycle almost everything for your projects.

9. Safari Animal Garden Marker

Assign this DIY project to your kids, they’ll love this.

10. Rustic Plant Marker

If you’re looking for something rustic in which wood or plastic is not used.

11. Beginner Plant Marker

Create these fun and functional markers for your container herb or vegetable gardens .

12. One Pot Container Herb+Garden Marker

This DIY post consists of a One Pot Container Herb Garden .

13. DIY Garden Seed Marker

In this DIY, plastic salad containers are recycled to create this waterproof garden seed markers.

14. DIY Beaded Garden Plant Marker

Cool and eye catchy plant markers can make your container garden look more attractive. 

15. DIY Chalkboard Pot

Whip out that chalkboard paint and make a DIY chalkboard pot for your container garden .

16. Wine Cork Plant Marker

She wrote the plant name on the wine cork with a Sharpie and fixed them on the end of the wooden skewer. 

17. DIY Plant Marker+Herb Garden

The website called Eighteen25 has this DIY plant marker tutorial, not only you can also find a DIY herb garden idea on the same post as well.

18. Wooden Spoon Plant Marker

If you’re still not satisfied with the DIY Plant Marker Ideas available above, this one can surely satiate you. 

19. Plant Identification Marker

All you need is chalkboard paint, a paintbrush and stir sticks to complete these super easy and inexpensive Plant Identification Markers!

20. Cutlery Plant Marker

If you an engraving tool, you can engrave the names of your plants on your cutlery.

21. Twig Plant Marker

This idea is free of cost to follow. All you need is some twigs and your spare time to craft these plant markers.

22. Tiny Picture Frame Plant Marker

Tiny picture frames painted with chalkboard paint are required to make these appealing plant markers.

23. Dinosaur Toys Plant Marker

Get dinosaur or any other toys that you find suitable for this projects.

24. Handcrafted Garden Marker

Handcrafted garden markers made out of twigs, this one is really an interesting DIY project to follow.

25. Copper Painted Marker

Copper grounding wire, plastic letters, spray paint and a few other basic supplies are all that you need.

26. Wine Bottle Capsule Plant Labels

We already saw a lot of Wine Bottle Uses, previously, and now here’s one more related to them.

27. Stone Labels

Really a smart and creative idea to make your garden markers stand out.

28. Creative Garden Labels

To remember what you planted in which pot, follow this plant label idea available at Sew Totally!

29. Painted Rock Plant Marker

Cute idea to label your pots. With a few usual supplies.

30. Plant Marker Pot

Paint your pots with chalkboard paint and this plant marker pot is ready for the use. Just chalk out the name of the plant you’re growing in it, on it.

31. Cute Little Garden Marker

Make these cute little garden markers with just a few supplies.

32. DIY Garden Stake

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