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8 Pakistani companies, 25 delegates participate in ‘Fruit Logistica’ 2018

BERLIN (Germany): In “Fruit Logistica” exhibition held in Berlin (Germany) more than 30 buyers who participated in the exhibition has shown deep interest in buying Fruits & Vegetables from Pakistan and demonstrated keen desire in availing trade opportunities which have emerged as a result of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, says a Press release.
The exhibition “Fruit Logistica” provides most effective International platform for exports’ enhancement of Pakistan’s Horticulture Industry and inculcate awareness about most modern Research & Technological activities, Waheed Ahmed, the Patron-in-Chief & Vice President of FPCCI stated.
During this year eight Pakistani companies participated in the exhibition and an exclusive stall representing the Association (PFVA) was also installed while 25 delegates participated. The Ambassador of Pakistan, Johar Saleem inaugurated Pakistani Pavilion. According to Waheed, Ahmed, the European countries expressed sincere desire in purchasing Pakistan Mango, Russia to buy Potato while U.K, Holland, and Norway including Germany reflected keen interest to buy Pakistani dates.
Similarly buyers from Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain also expressed great interest to purchase Pakistani Kinnow. Keeping in view overwhelming responses received by Pakistani companies it’s anticipated to get export orders up to three million US dollars.
Waheed Ahmed said that the exhibition “Fruit Logistica” proved to be an effective international event for highlighting immense potential of Pakistani Horticulture sector and offered excellent opportunities for investment in this specific sector.
During the 3-days’ exhibition, Waheed Ahmed extended invitation to prominent technological companies to visit Pakistan and also apprised them of purposes & objectives of conducting a national conference in Pakistan in near future with collaboration of PFVA & FPCCI.
He further stated that with establishment of CPEC Projects and economic zones the investors around the Globe are focusing their attention on Pakistan and hence the foreign companies and Investors would also be invited next year in the proposed National Conference on Horticulture sector.
Waheed Ahmed expressed deep satisfaction and highly appreciated extensive efforts of Pakistani Embassy and commercial for making good arrangements and rendering assistance to Pakistani companies participated in this mega event. With close cooperation of Pakistani Embassy, Pakistani culture and traditional products prepared from Fruits & Vegetables would also be advertised so that this unique opportunity can be fully exploited for enhancement of exports.

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