Agriculture requires different equipment to enhance productivity and increases the speed of its numerous procedures; the most important among them is the harvesting. Nowadays, farm owners are blessed with many progressive gears, and most sought after equipment among them is the Combine Concaves fitted in the Combine Harvester offered by Estes Concaves. They combine performance parts in them are the best that provides a maximum guarantee, optimal performance, rapid harvesting with quality grains. What more? They are suitable for all types of grains that enable you to be free from the worries of machines for each kind of crop.

The role of combine concaves is to perform jobs such as threshing and unraveling. The seeds need to be separated from the chaff and other things and collected in the grain tank. With the brilliant performance provided by Estes Concaves, the whole process of farming is now the most efficient and highly profitable. Here you can see some of the many advantages of combine performance parts in Agriculture.

No Rotor loss

Rotor loss is a nightmare for farmers during the time of harvesting that requires stopping the machines, replacing them, and moving on. This causes more money, more time, and sometimes loses good weather also. An ordinary rotor combine tends to damage 3-5 bushels per acre. With the XPR concave system offered by Estes Concaves, there is no rotor loss so that you can continue the harvesting without any hindrance and proceed fast and save money plus time.

Maximum Performance

High-level performance that is lasting for a long time is the trademark of the combine performance parts offered by Estes. With their advanced and innovative fittings in the concaves, there is no frequent plugging, no broken cobs, and can gather quality grain without any type of damage. This itself can increase the profit of around 70% more. Since there is no need for changing the concaves for each crop, the whole harvesting process in much easier and can finish fast.

Long Life

Long life is another best quality of Estes Concaves. Each part of it is designed with ultimate care, maximum precision, and quality in addition to highly durable machinery parts. The loss by wear and tear is less, and rotor losses, need for cleaning infrequent intervals are also fewer. With the XPR Concave system that ensures maximum performance and the other related parts of the machinery, with high confidence, you can buy it and increase your profits.

Economical fuel consumption

Estes Combine consumes less fuel in comparison with other machines in the same family. This is also helpful to make them work for long durations and finish the work fast, making use of good weather conditions.

Cleaner grains

The grains one can collect while harvesting with Estes is cleaner and undamaged. This is because of the spacious settings and state of the art parts of the combine developed with maximum care and efficiency.

Estes combine is the best in the world as far as the combine performance parts are concerned. They are the trusted aid of modern farming for farmers all over the world. If you are thinking about changing your combine, go for Estes Combine with ultimate sureness.

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