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Advisory for fruit fly control

Spokesman of Agriculture Department Punjab has said that Fruit fly is harmful for the Guava, Citrus and Mango, jaman etc. orchards. Due to attack of fruit fly our farmers bear larger economical loss. Spokesman says that Cleanliness of orchards is mandatory to control fruit fly.

The sexual traps for monitoring of fruit fly Methyl Eugenol is used to control male fruit fly whereas Proteinaceous Bait is used to control female fruit fly. Hoeing should be done four to five times to eliminate the pupae of fruit fly. By placing the affected fruits for 8 to 9 hours at hard surface the larvae and pupa of fruit fly will be eliminate.

Spokesman of Agriculture Department also disclosed that the elimination of dropped fruits is necessary because fruit fly reproduces inside the fruits entered in the soil after growing up and remained in the soil in the shape of pupa. After then by uncovering, come outside the soil and male-female complete mating process. After mating, female fruit fly lays eggs inside the fruits and this process continues.

The host plants for fruit fly may not be cultivated near the orchards. Agriculture Department Punjab has started to produce these beneficial insects in laboratories. The larval parasitoid and pupail parasitoid beneficial insects will be provided free of cost to the farmers to control fruit fly.

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