According to some media stories, closure of air and land routes due to the coronavirus pandemic is likely to cause 150 million greenbacks loss to horticulture exports all over the following two months. Airlines have either reduced or utterly halted their operations to Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, which resulted in an important reduction within the call for for fruit and veggies across the world. Likewise, closure of resorts, eating places and sharp decline in tourism are also hurting horticulture exports.

It is anticipated that if the prevailing situation prevails for the next two months, the whole export of vegatables and fruits from Pakistan is likely to sustain huge lack of 150 million greenbacks. After the sealing of the western border of the rustic, end result and vegetable exports thru land routes to Iran,

Afghanistan and Central Asian international locations have also been suspended. Also, all commercial sectors are underneath immense force because of the coronavirus pandemic and suspension of flights has created a serious risk to the buying and selling sector.

Transportation of food stuff by means of the sea course could also be experiencing problems and beneath those instances, most effective the ones countries that have adequate food for their local inhabitants and a powerful agriculture sector can counter any such severe crisis.

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