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Politicians urged to show maturity on Kalabagh Dam issue

Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) has said that politicians should show their maturity on national issues like Kalabagh Dam, energy crisis, trade with neighbouring countries and achieving the goal of GSP-plus status. MCCI lauded the expression of political maturity and avoiding the politics of avenge by the leaders of the government and the opposition while inaugurating the Thar Coal Power Project worth around Rs 1.5 trillion.

The encouraging gestures of rival politicians have not only made history but also sent very positive signals arousing hopes among the masses and the business community. President of MCCI Khawaja Muhammad Usman has said country has lost a lot due to political conflicts but it seems that now the major political parties have decided to keep national interest and economic development above over the politics. Politicians urged to show maturity on Kalabagh Dam issue 279x300 Politicians urged to show maturity on Kalabagh Dam issue

He said the opposition of nationalists and so-called intellectuals failed to dent the resolve of the government to launch the Thar Coal project, which is highly laudable. Usman said politics in Pakistan seems different now which will help stabilise democracy, boost economy and resolve the energy crisis soon. He asked the government and opposition to forge unity to get the long-awaited Kalabagh Dam (KBD) project started.

The KBD remains victim to politics transforming a technical issue into a hot topic, said Baig Raj, adding that enemies of Pakistan are behind opposition of the most viable project in the country. The so-called scholars and nationalists who are against KBD are dancing on the tunes of their foreign masters who don’t want a stabilise Pakistan, he said.

These elements have helped plunge a country like Pakistan with unmatched resources into darkness for their petty gains, he said. KBD is the best way to have dependable energy otherwise country will never be able to become Asian Tiger and will remain a beggar, said Khawaja Usman.

Title: Politicians urged to show maturity on Kalabagh Dam issue

Source: Business Recorder

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