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Amazing Health Benefits of Potato

Potato is 1st and foremost vegetable cultivated in the world.

Potato is 1st and foremost vegetable cultivated in the world. It is rich source of carbohydrates. It is staple food in most of the countries. Pakistan is a big producer of potato. Okara city is famous for its cultivation. On per acre basis it has more calories than wheat. Potatoes are chiefly made up of carbohydrates and contain small concentration of protein. Potatoes are beneficial for thin or lean peoples who wanted to put on weight. Laiba Saleem*, Fatima Sarwar*, Mujahid Ali**

 (*Food Science and Nutrition, UOS; **Horticulture, UOS)

Since potatoes prevalently consist of carbohydrates, due to which digestion process becomes easy. This attribute makes them a valid diet for babies or for those people by whom heavy food cannot be digested, but energy is needed. As you know “excess of anything is dangerous” So if one consumes many at regular basis, it can cause stomach problems like acidity. By consuming them secretion of gastric juice increases and peristaltic motion can be stimulated, through which process of digestion become easy and avert problems like constipation and prevent the body from colorectal cancer. Scouring cholesterol out of arteries and blood vessels is also connected with fiber. Other than that, the soft and moist material from potatoes when mixed with honey is used in making skin packs and beneficial for skin. This will help preventing pimples and spots on skin. Again, this soft material will be helpful, if applied to burns, provides quick relief and faster healing. Crushed potatoes and even the water in which potatoes are soaked or washed used for cleaning and skin softening, Specifically, around elbow. There are vitamins present in potatoes like calcium and magnesium, they prevent rheumatism. When potatoes are boiled, the water obtained from them is also very beneficial, it prevents the pain and inflammation in rheumatism. Potatoes are effective in minimizing external and internal inflammation. They are soft, easily digestible and have a lot of vitamin antioxidant capacity, they heal tissues. The inflammation in the intestine and stomach is prevented by potassium and vitamin B6. It is beneficial for those people who have mouth ulcers because they have good dietary element. These are also beneficial for those people who have arthritis and gout because potatoes have an anti-inflammatory effect. There are some types of potatoes especially, russet and red ones, contain flavonoid antioxidants and vitamin A in elevated level, like; zeaxanthin and carotenes, many types of cancers are prevented by them. Also, a study at the Agricultural Research has shown that potatoes have a compound called quercetin, this compound is anti-cancerous and anti-tumorous. Antioxidant properties are present in both vitamin A and C which is present in potatoes and prevent your body from destructive effects of cancer. High blood pressure is due to of many reasons that may include diet, diabetes, tension, non-digestion, nutrient balance and many more, for this several treatments are required. High blood pressure because of tension can be prevented by consumption of potatoes. Because of the abundance of vitamin and fiber, indigestion occur which can be treated by potatoes but if high blood pressure is because of diabetes, then they should not be used. For lowering cholesterol and better functioning of insulin in our body, the fiber present in them become helpful which helps in lowering the blood pressure. That’s why direct association existed between glucose level and blood pressure, glucose level in blood, is regulated by insulin. Glucose level, oxygen supply, several constituents of vitamin-B complex, several hormones, amino acids and fatty acids like omega-3 have a significant impact on complete functioning of brain. This becomes the hindrance towards fatigue and it maintain the cognitive ability and performance. Next oxygen is needed by brain, hemoglobin in blood carries the oxygen; the main constituent of hemoglobin is iron, and potatoes contain iron. So that the oxygen is also transferred to the brain. Elevated level of uric acid lead to kidney stones also called renal calculi. There is calcium and iron which leads to the formation of stones. High concentration of iron and calcium is present in potatoes, so reasonably they do not become a preventive measure for kidney stones, but magnesium is present in potatoes which prevent the accumulation of calcium in the tissues and kidney, therefore somehow, they are considered beneficial for preventing kidney problems. Potatoes have high energy components therefore good for diarrhea patients. They are highly digestible so can be utilized by patients of diarrhea as a diet.  However, don’t worry these health risks affect only a small part of the population. If a person become fine and healthy then a small concentration of fat is not bad or dangerous.

Dr. Mujahid Ali
Dr. Mujahid Ali
I am working as Assistant Horticulturist (BS-18) at Water Management Research Farm Renala Khurd, before this served as Assistant Professor (IPFP) in Horticulture at the University of Sargodha. I have completed my Ph.D. in 2018 from the Institute of Horticultural Sciences, UAF previously worked as Visiting Lecturer in Horticulture UOS, worked as Research Fellow in ACIAR project on vegetables, and worked as Teaching Assistant in Horticulture UAF. Moreover, Ph.D. IRSIP did in the NC State University, United States.

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