Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Andrew Scheer says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t doing sufficient to clear up the stuck canola shipments to China and needs Trudeau to start up a World Trade Organization problem faster that later.

The Conservative leader says that Trudeau is not being difficult sufficient with China, whilst insisting that this canola issue is still a technical one. There are some rumblings that different crop varieties might be impacted by way of this political wrangling too, just as farmers are headed to plant this year’s crop.

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“It has been four months since China announced it would ban Canadian imports of canola, and Justin Trudeau hasn’t lifted a finger in response. He must act now. The measures I call on him to take will provide much-needed relief to Canadian canola farmers and start to undo the damage he has caused with his weak and naïve approach to China,”


Scheer says a WTO challenge is vital, and may be pushing for the top minister to appoint an envoy to China. He also supports Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe’s ask for instant adjustments to the Advance Payment Program to lend a hand farmers now.

Changes to this system — including expanding the cap and interest-free portion — are well inside Canada’s power to do, Scheer says, and aren’t contingent on any other govt or nation’s approval.

Scheer adds that if elected top minister in the upcoming election he would pull all investment for infrastructure initiatives in China these days funded through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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