Pesticide mixtures and adjuvant Combining two or more pesticides and applying them at the same time is convenient and cost effective. Most pesticide manufacturers sell some of their products as pre-mixes, but often you must combine two or more pesticides at the time of application. Combinations may, however, affect the […]

The international of farming is changing every day. With every new app, trait, fertilizer and pesticide era, farmers are changing into more efficient and productive. In the following couple of a long time, industry professionals from Syngenta expect many changes to take place and for the typical farm operation to […]

Sesame Cultivation Over 31,490 Acres Of Land In Faisalabad The agriculture division mounted a target of 31,490 acres of land for sesame (Til) cultivation and seven,897 metric heaps of its manufacturing goal in Faisalabad department this year. Spokesman of the agriculture extension division instructed APP these days that 15,842 acres […]

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