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Climate Change is a threat

Climate change is an overriding issue globally. The hard exigency of this controversial issue should be endorsed promptly. This crisis along with its profound science and acute politics is noticeable Youth’s protest for concrete action has pressurized world Leaders to gather for a settlement in Madrid.

“The battle against climate change cannot be fought with ideas alone”.

Fatima Masood and Dr. Muhammad Yaseen

Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture

University of Sargodha.

So, where the actual problem lies and is there any way to fix it? Well, we are going to spotlight it with basic science, because this is important for you and us as well. Primarily, during the revolution of industries in the past, CO2 arose abundantly. In 1950, we began breaking CO2 records and till now we are doing it without any interpretation. Why?  According to Scientists, human activities are almost 95% prime mover in bringing this issue. To power our cars, factories, homes, and airplanes, we have been burning exceptional fossil fuels including coal and oil which are a source of releasing bulk of CO2.

There is a lot more of us. In the past seventy years, population has escalated globally. Human consumption of huge products from animals also contributed a lot by releasing noxious pollutant methane. Fervid planet is root cause of greenhouse effect.

But the issue is not that earth is getting hotter, the actual problem is pace of hurriedness. Because at this juncture we are intending to strike 1 and half degrees in just 10 years. And if warming does not slow, it could be a catastrophe within our lifetime of which we are already getting a taste.

A lot of people are target of famine, water shortages, and droughts. Increase in temperature expands seawater. Rise in sea water is 3 millimetres annually. Trillion of tons of fresh water also adds to oceans because of melting ice sheets and glaciers. People around the world are already losing their homes. And if things continue, millions more of us will have to pack up too. Within 80 years entire coastal cities could be underwater. In the Pacific, Island nations could vanish to the hilt. With devastating consequences natural disasters are seen more and more intense. The situation is a real menace for humans, but we are not doing much as needed. At present there is a strategy to slow it down. World leaders signed this so-called Paris agreement back in 2016. And the pledge is to cap temperatures rising before the year 2100 by one and half degrees or a maximum of 2. Countries have set their own goals on how much CO2 they emit. Despite that after 3 years of agreement, global CO2 levels are still raising.

“The inaction and empty vows are same”.

Contrarily, positive momentum and awareness about this situation is also seen. Pace of change has started to speed up. Some countries are making progress and developing several renewable projects of energy with Initiatives like making all public transport free.

Infinite growth cannot be done on a finite planet. Experts says to change everything about the way we run our world, a bigger push is needed. To combat, the system and counterculture should be changed. It is the time to realize what effects our actions are having on the planet and what measures should be taken to save it for future generations.

Everyone could do that by taking preventing measures, switching to renewable energy resources, and consuming more carefully. We should cycle more, eat less meal, drive less car, turn off unnecessary applications, can ban use of plastic. Eco friendly products like paper and recycling should be preferred.

Thus, the best advice? Is that it is down to all of us, to change our ways or shake things up, or climate change is or going to do for us.

If not now, when?

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