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You can purchase purchase winter and summer season premium quality herbs seeds from


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5 Amazing Herbal Teas to Help You Beat the Flu

Just when you assume you've gotten escaped, the flu can hit you favor a brick. But before you run to the physician...


By Syed Adeel Sajid1 and Bilal Akram2 (1Department of Plant Pathology, 2Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, University of...

How to cultivate rice crop in Pakistan

Season: The weather is bad for cotton. It usually leads to better paddy production. Therefore, from early June...

China: Developing Green Finance in Agriculture

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors as of late authorized a mortgage of Euro 267.2 million (US$300 million an identical) for...

Sindh exempts agriculture supply chain from lockdown in view of Kharif season

KARACHI: Keeping in view the call for for fertiliser, seed, and insecticides for the upcoming Kharif season (April-June), the Sindh govt...

Frequently asked questions about farming tools

FAQ’s on Farming Tools / Frequently Asked Questions About Farming Tools If you're into farming or gardening, it is...

Azolla Benefits, Uses, Role, Importance in Rice Production

Azolla Benefits for Paddy Cultivation: We know Azolla is a smart feed for livestock reminiscent of poultry, pigs,...

Let’s Look Mango in History

(By *Sidra Bashir, **Mujahid Ali, *Dr. Shahid Mahmood) (*IFSN, UOS; **Horticulture, UOS) Mangoes was originated in the South Asia and India. Buddhist monk who are the...

Organic Agriculture

There are many explanations and definitions for organic agriculture but all converge to state that it is a system that relies on ecosystem management...

Luxury & Lifestyle Agency Purple Launches Sports Division

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