It’s common practice in universities the students fail to become a copy paste master instead of a future scholar. Practically, this culture brings our young generation into plagiarism culture and they are not able to create his/her own contents that become a big problem for our students in the field of the research, and they are facing many technical issues when they are going to write thesis or research papers.

Plagiarism is one of the great academic sins. It has the power to destroy a scholar or writer and turn a lifetime’s work to dust

Miranda Devine

The reason behind is; when teacher give some assignment to students; not practical appreciation giving to his or her assignment, it’s mostly become a part of dustbin. Let’s start a little change from today, change the way of thinking about assignment, it’s not important to write an article on specific topic on many page, just write few lines or paragraph but own thinking not a “copy paste”, we will publish his or her assignment on our website that is appreciation of his/her work.

You don’t want to become guilty of plagiarism by letting someone else’s words get inadvertently mixed in with your own. If you do feel the need to paste in a block of research while you’re writing, be sure to highlight the copied text in a different color so you can go back and remove or rewrite it entirely later.

Gayle Lynds

It’s responsibilities of the university teachers to motivate students to take assignment serious as training parts not just for gaining few marks and send us to publish on our website.

We can publish student’s assignment as article by two mean/ways:

  1. Send us your article at for publication with your name, teacher name and University name.
  2. The course in-charge/teacher can contact with at, we will create an author account and will train how an article can directly publish on our website, the teacher can directly post students assignments on our website without any delay or wait.

It’s our responsibilities to share this with other and promote a new culture in our young generation.

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