With the every passing day, dairy products are turning into dearer because are living stock farming has now not scientifically grown with the rise in inhabitants and also it didn’t fit with the tempo of urbanisation.Recently, milk prices in Karachi greater without any explanation why. In a short time of two years, milk prices have long past up from Rs 20 consistent with liter to Rs 25, appearing a 25 percent build up. Moreover, meat costs have additionally risen to about 25 % within the closing six months.

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In any such scenario, the one solution to control prices is to increase the dairy business on scientific strains, which won’t simplest provide meat and milk in plentiful quantities to the home shoppers but further amounts may also be exported.

Production of Livestock Product Pakistan 1998-2003
Livestock farmers urged to get maximum production

In spite of having a big population of LIVESTOCK, the rustic is passing some $40 million yearly at the import of formula milk best, which is the best possible quantity spent through any country on the earth in this explicit commodity.Currently, there are some 160 varieties of infant system milk available within the markets. While breast milk is the most efficient a mom can give her infant relating to a balanced and nutritious diet.

LIVESTOCK is the most important sector of agriculture in Pakistan. It accounts for 39 % of agricultural worth added and about nine.4 percent of the GDP. Its internet foreign currency income, in 2001-02, have been Its 51.5 billion, which was 12.3 p.c of the full export profits of the country.

The position of LIVESTOCK can be judged from the fact that about 35 million individuals are engaged in raising 2 to a few livestock/buffaloes and 5 to six sheeps/goats of their backyards and are deriving 20 to 25 percent source of revenue from it.

The LIVESTOCK, include livestock, buffaloes, sheep, goats, camels, horses, asses and mules. During the final 5 years, the mixed inhabitants of livestock, buffalo, sheep and goat greater from 113 million, 1998-99, to 125 million, 2002-03, depicting a complete build up

of 12 million or 24 lac heads in keeping with annum.

In the yr 2002-03, the domestic are living stock inhabitants was once estimated at 23.three million cattle, 24.eight million buffalo, 24.6 million sheep and 52.8 million goats. During 1998-03, most building up used to be within the population of goats, showing an build up of 70 lac heads or 14 lac heads in line with annum.

During this period, manufacturing of beef greater from 963 to 1060 thousand lots and mutton from 633 to702 thousand tonnes.

This displays that the entire increase in pork manufacturing used to be 97,000 tonnes or 15.4 thousand tonnes p.a., and mutton 69,000 tonnes or 14,000 tonnes

The per capita availability of milk was 150 litre and meat 19kg according to annum in 2000-01, which involves zero.41 litre milk in step with day and five.2 grams meat according to day.

To meet the home demand of milk and meat, the speed of expansion will have to be no less than 5 to 7 p.c in step with annum.

Despite an building up in milk and meat production, the prices have moved upward abnormally.

The recent building up in meat costs is attributed to the export of are living animals or meat to the Middle East and Afghanistan.

There was a time when animals used to be imported or smuggled from Afghanistan into Pakistan however after nine/11 the situation all at once took a ‘U’ turn. In Afghanistan, the war has critically affected the LIVESTOCK sector.

Thus Pakistan started exporting as a substitute of importing LIVESTOCK from Afghanistan.

According to respectable figures throughout July-August, 2002, animals value Rs 30 million made their approach to Afghanistan. Besides, the smuggling of LIVESTOCK from Pakistan to Afghanistan has additionally started in a large method to meet their home shortage of animals.

The nation, although wealthy in LIVESTOCK, hardly ever were given a possibility to export meat or meat merchandise to earn foreign currency. It was offered a chance when quite a lot of Middle East states stopped importing meat from European nations due to the incidence of the mad cow illness.

Meat export from Lahore began to start with of the yr 2000 when carcasses of goats and massive animals were airlifted.

The meat used to be processed beneath a special association between the exporters and the Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore, which runs four abattoirs in the town.

The exports of LIVESTOCK – cow, buffalo, sheep and goat – are discovering their way to the Gulf States, Iran and Afghanistan where there is a scarcity of fine high quality meat and, therefore, it instructions a prime value.

Traditionally, Europe was once the largest exporter of meat and meat by-products and LIVESTOCK and had been a big supply of foreign currency echange for a number of European countries.

Technically, meat from South Asia has a awesome quality, because of grazing and vegetable concentrates as the primary supply of LIVESTOCK feed right here, in opposition to bone and meat meal in Europe.

According to official figures, the export of LIVESTOCK, all the way through 2001-02, registered an odd growth of 51 percent to a price of Rs 221 million as compared to 2000-01, when exports of meat stood at Rs 146 million.

The estimated export of these four classes of LIVESTOCK is estimated to be more than Rs 275 million during the fiscal year of 2002-03.

A rising pattern in LIVESTOCK export was once also sustained all through the first two months of present fiscal yr as exports of animals price Rs 43 million were reported to had been accomplished.

There is a greater chance that this pattern would go unbridled if the government does now not take corrective measures to ensure a gentle provide of animals in the home marketplace.

As a result of this, the value-added leather trade, including leather garment producers who mostly use uncooked hides and skins acquired from cows, buffaloes, sheeps and goats are faced with a scarcity of raw material.

Therefore, the Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PLGMEA) chairman Fawad Ijaz and the Pakistan Tanners Association chairman S.M Naseem has advised the federal government to immediately impose a ban on export of LIVESTOCK.

Pakistan desires to proceed meat and are living animal export, besides meeting domestic demand, trendy meat processing plants and LIVESTOCK farms will have to be set up in every single place the rustic.

Here we’re giving some main points of new to arrange a unit to boost 50 animals on industrial basis, for more details Smeda may also be contacted.


Dairy farming is an agro-based activity, buffaloes and cows can be raised for milk production in an organised manner for commercial goal.

For this mission, animals can be purchased from the animal markets or breeders in Sahiwal, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad.

More than 70 percent farmers hold not up to 5 acres of land. Dairy farming may end up a successful industry for small landholders.

They can also grow fodder on their land to feed dairy animals, with out annoying the principle crop.

Dairy farming is without doubt one of the absolute best initiatives if professionally done on small land holdings. The go back of the land used for feeding animals is higher as compared to land used for standard cropping.

The economical measurement of the herd is 50 animals, which can develop into 180 animals inside a couple of years. Cows also are proposed within the herd, as they are prime yields and efficient converters of feed into milk.

This herd would include 75 p.c buffaloes and 25 p.c cows. A cow, on reasonable, yields 14 litres milk a day over a lactation duration of 305 days while the buffalo, on a mean, yields 10 litres an afternoon over a lactation duration of 280 days.

The lactation duration is the period throughout which the animals provide milk. These animals are referred to as wet animals. Generally the lactation days of cows are 305 days and that of buffaloes is 280 days.

For calculation, 77 % of the entire selection of cows has been taken as rainy cows and 67 p.c of the overall number of buffaloes as rainy buffaloes.

The calving period in a buffalo is set 18 to 20 months, while a cow has 15 to 16 months.

On a mean, cows are productive for 7 to eight years, while buffaloes are productive for eight to nine years. Male calves will be bought on the end of 12 months or can also be reared one after the other for pork manufacturing.

Pakistan is the fifth greatest milk producer on this planet. Milk production is 28 million tonnes from 125 million heads. Milk is used for ingesting, tea, desi ghee, yogurt and butter making.

Milk is also used to make Khoya and different types of sweets. Milk processing corporations use milk as a raw material to formulate various kinds of milk ie pasteurised milk, UHT milk, condensed milk, skimmed milk, milk powder, and so forth Different price added merchandise like yogurt, ice cream, butter and cheese also are made out of the uncooked milk.

The daily consumption of milk in Lahore is 2 to three million litres and that of Karachi is four million litres.The call for for processed milk has greater its proportion in high quality mindful shoppers. During the remaining twenty years, processed milk has achieved four p.c share within the milk marketplace of Lahore, which is rising to about four.five p.c in step with annum. Therefore, metropolitan towns are the main markets for the sale of milk.

The capital price shall be budgeted for 4 years; therefore the preliminary infrastructure value has been calculated on the foundation of a 4th 12 months infrastructure requirement.

The overall cost of the undertaking is estimated, by way of Smeda, to be about Rs 2.94 million, out of which the capital value of the mission is Rs 2.67 million. Total infrastructure cost of 13 thousand squareft could be about Rs 842,388.

Besides hiring a tractor for fodder sowing, only a few simple farm apparatus’s like a fodder chopper, water pumps, milk utensils will be bought.

With the golf green fodder, to increase animal productivity, the ration feed can be given, which contains cotton seed truffles, corn gluten, wheat bran, molasses, and choker. About 1 kg of concentrate is needed for the manufacturing of three litres of milk.

There is not any fixed fodder requirement for the animals but a rule of thumb says that an animal needs daily fodder equal to nine to 10 p.c of its frame weight. According to estimates, buffalo consumes 40-55 kg fodder day by day while cow consumes about 30-40 kg. For a high yield the animals would be consumed a prime protein diet concentrate.

For this dairy venture, manpower requirement is 7 for appearing different activities like feeding, milking, and so forth, which would possibly cost about Rs 240,000.

Animals are susceptible to some sort of disease, at any stage of their life. Disease like foot and mouth, diarrhea and digestive problems are very common in animals, which have an effect on the productiveness of the LIVESTOCK.

Only right kind vaccination can stay the animals wholesome. Healthy and high yielding milk animals are the key to the success of a farm.

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