Drip irrigation system beneficial for farmers

SARGODHA  – The Agriculture Department has urged farmers to install drip irrigation system in their fields as it is cost effective and offers handsome returns.

According to Agriculture Officer Ramzan Khan Niazi, over 60 per cent water could be saved through drip irrigation, compared with open water courses. He said that the government was also providing 60 per cent subsidy on installation of system.

He said that drip irrigation system is neat, clean and smooth system in which farmers could save fertilisers, labour, water and timing up to 50 per cent, he said and added that drip irrigation system is beneficial for barren, sand and any other kinds of soil and also reduces weeds.

He said that a comprehensive campaign has been launched under the Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) to overcome water scarcity in the province. He said that under this project, the Agriculture Department is installing drip & sprinkler irrigation and giving subsidy to farmers for installing this system.

He said it is high time to start water saving awareness campaign as in the next century wars would be fought over water. Drip irrigation installation could help a lot in saving available water. He said that a comprehensive campaign has been launched for increasing per acre yield and reducing cost of cultivation by adopting drip irrigation system.

The government is helping farmers adopt this system by providing drip irrigation equipment at subsidised rates and providing 60% subsidy on installation of drip irrigation system.


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