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Why I chose “Benefits of gardening” for writing.

I choose this topic for writing because it is the most interesting statement that the people are searching on the internet.

This article biased on the research studies and daily life examples. I wrote this article by combining the both of the facts science and real life example to teach you in the simple way. Here I mention some examples that enlighten authenticity of the people who even loves gardening

I also keen about the gardening. I have an excellent experience of the gardening. So I want to share my experience as well as the other people who love gardening. This is why I choose this topic person who loves gardening.

  1. Gardening makes people more patience

The first thing that I want to mention is patience and the tolerance of the man. Person who loves and working in the garden their patience level have increased.

As gardening takes long time to for fruiting. People have to wait for his fruiting. He spends many hours into garden by caring their plants.

If you are growing vegetable then you have to wait a little for his produce. But in every vegetable you have to wait at least 6-8 week for the produce. But if you are growing fruits in to your garden in this case everyone should have to wait for more than 2 years. In this way gardening makes people more endure. I personally advice to those people who has less patience, to start gardening and they will enjoy the benefits of the gardening profession.

  • Gardening makes people more caring

Plants are just like your children. You have to love your children. This means you have to take care of your plants.

A gardener makes daily visit of his garden to see his babies. Either they are in good condition or not. Whether they drink or eat food.  He makes every effort to keep them healthy. When he fell they are healthy he feels relax this make him comfortable.

Person who loves gardening establish a garden take care of his plats and give water to his plants.

Gardening is a source of becoming more caring.

  • Gardening improve the physical mental and health

Physical health can be improved by the use of the gardening. Physical activities in the garden like digging, cutting and watering lose your energy and make you stronger and smarter.

Many researches reveal that the gardening improves the physical and mental health of the people. I am mentioning a study topic on “Gardening is beneficial for health” which was published in 2019.

The researcher made different examination. He resulted that the gardening is very beneficial for improving the depression, anxiety and body mass index.  Gardening also increased the quality of the life, life satisfaction and sense of community. Besides that there is many other positive effect of the gardening on the human life

The researches prescribe to take a regular dose of the gardening to increase the public health benefits

Another study on horticulture therapy conducted in Sweden which is publish in 20o9 describes that by imaging viewing and visiting the garden improve the healing, reducing the stress and amplify the well being of the patients. It also improves the thinking and acquiring knowledge ability of the mind.

  • Gardening makes people more responsible

Gardening is a very beautiful tool for making the people responsible. The people who are gardeners are more responsible than the other person which are no doing gardening.

In gardening you have to take responsibility of everything which is happening in to your garden. If something is going wrong you have to fix it because it is your problem.

If some plants are dying or showing symptoms of the disease than you have to correct it.

  • Gardening is the enemy of the loneliness

Person who loves gardening never be feel the sense of the loneliness. Gardening is so interesting that the people don’t need who talk with them. What a beautiful scene created when someone playing with the flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants and with nature. I think he does not feel that he is alone by my personal experience  

  • Gardening rewarding the people

People loves gardening and gardening love them. Gardening is not only a hobby of spending spare time but it is a profession of the rewarding. A vegetable garden provides vegetable for his family requirements and a fruit garden provides fruits in certain season. If gardening carries out in systematic way it will reward you whole the years to you by fulfilling your requirements.

  • Gardening use the spare time man efficiently

People who have spare time besides their regular routine gardening should be a good hobby for them. It not only uses their spare time efficiently but they make this time more valuable by growing different types of vegetable and fruits flowers. You can also earn money from it if you are doing on the large scale.

The vegetables which you are grow for yourself and your family should be organic. Because the organic vegetable are healthier and safe for your consumption

  • Gardening makes your food healthy

Are you known about the food that you consuming how he produce. How he transported and treated. What factor involve in making and producing.

I think excepting a few most of us not well aware about this.  This is not a good thing that we are not known what we eat. But if you are doing gardening you know all the process and well aware of the things about that you are consuming.

Your food becomes healthier if you are dealing with the organics. In organic farming you can use every except synthetics. Organic farming and organic gardening are more beneficial than any other types of gardening for your health.

So everyone should try to build a small garden in his home or in backyard. In this way you can enjoy real benefits and taste of the gardening.

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