On his six-hectare farm within the village of Keisen, on Japan’s Kyushu island, Takao Furuno, 61, grows rice and wheat without chemical substances. He rediscovered an historic rice-growing follow involving the use of ducks. Dozens of these birds, raised at the farm, patrol the paddy fields. They feed on bugs and weeds, without touching the crops.

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Their wading oxygenates the water and stirs up the soil. Their droppings are a herbal fertiliser. Furuno has reduce manufacturing costs and boosted output via a couple of 3rd when compared along with his neighbours, who use chemical fertilisers. He sells the geese too. Some 10,000 Japanese farmers have purchased

The Power of Duck [sic], the e book he printed in 2000. In 2011 the method was once successfully tried out in Camargue, southern France. The pattern in rice cultivation in Japan, which supplies a livelihood for 1.four million families, is, then again, towards higher farms and more extensive manufacturing.

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