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FMC Herbicide Product List


CROP: Maize

DOSE/ACRE: 300-400 ml

Connect ® is a very effective premix herbicide for control of annual broadleaf & grasses weeds in fieldcorn, seed corn, yellow popcorn, sweet corn and Sugarcane. Powered by mesotrione and atrazine, Connect delivers unmatched contact and residual control of the toughest broadleaf weeds and Grasses including sedges, flexible application timing and excellent crop safety. Connect is used to stop pre- and post-emergence broadleaf and grassy weeds in crops.

DISEASE/PEST: BLW, Grasses and Sedges

Metric 25ZC

Clomazone 5.15%+ Metribuzin20%
CROP: Potato

DOSE/ACRE: 500 ml

Metric is a pre-mix of two broad spectrum herbicides i.e. Metribuzin and Clomazone . Metribuzin is a selective herbicide of the chemical class the triazines. Metribuzin can be applied as a foliar spray or soil treatment in order to control pre-emergence and post-emergance broadleaf weeds and annual grasses. Metribuzin also has a residual effect on the soil. Metribuzin is primarily absorbed by the roots, but also by the leaves to a lesser extent. It is translocated acropetally in the xylem to the leaves where it has its effect. The mode of action of metribuzin is that it acts by inhibiting photosystem II of photosynthesis by disrupting electron transfer. This results in death due to starvation in the target plant and the Clomazone is a broad spectrum herbicide used for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in cotton, peas, pumpkins, soybeans, sweet potatoes, tobacco, winter squash and fallow wheat fields. It can be applied early preplant, preemergent or preplant-incorporated depending on the crop, geographical area and timing. Because clomazone is an inhibitor of plant pigments, users must exercise caution to avoid drift or vapors which may cause bleaching damage to non-target foliage. Clomazone is available in emulsifiable concentrate formulations.



CROP: Tobacco

DOSE/ACRE: 250 – 300 ml

Used to control axillary bud (sucker) growth after the floral portion of tobacco plants have been topped

DISEASE/PEST: Tobacco suckers

Pallas 45OD

CROP: Wheat

DOSE/ACRE: 150 ml

Pallas herbicide offers effective post-emergence broadleaf and grass weed control in a single product in Wheat crop. It delivers superior crop safety, a wide window of application and crop rotational flexibility.


Starane-M 50EC

Fluroxpyr +MCPA
CROP: Wheat

DOSE/ACRE: 300 ml

Starane M belongs o the pyridine carboxylic acid family. Normally this family is called the pyridine family Selective in Wheat Crop that “deregulates” or “disrupts” plant cell development. STARANE M is a systemic herbicide mainly absorbed by roots and leaves of plants. Weeds treated with STARANE M will stop growing immediately and nutrients uptake will be minimal after application

DISEASE/PEST: Broad leaf weeds

Stomp 455CS

CROP: Cotton Potato Onion Peas

DOSE/ACRE: 1000 ml

STOMP is a selective broad-spectrum herbicide recommended for use in certain fruit crops and onions for the control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Following application of STOMP to the soil and its absorption by the plant, both root and shoot growth are inhibited in susceptible plants. Affected plants die shortly after germination or following emergence from the soil. STOMP inhibits microtubule formation in the plant cell, which results in the disruption of cell division and cell elongation in shoot and root meristems of susceptible plants. The germination of weeds is unaffected; growth inhibition and subsequent death occur following germination of the seed or shortly after emergence from the soil. The primary site of action of STOMP is at the growing points of the plant. Differential susceptibility is caused by differences in germination depth and exposure of growing points to direct applications. Broad-spectrum herbicide with a wide range of crop applications. Benefits from action against both grass and broadleaf weeds, with a wide window of application from pre-plant incorporation through to post-emergence application (monocot crops only).


Winsta 30WP

BispyribacNa+Bensulfuron M
CROP: Rice


Winsta is a premix of two chemicals, Bispyribac Sodium nad Bensulfuron Methyl .Biochemistry Branched chain amino acid synthesis (ALS or AHAS) inhibitor. Acts by inhibiting biosynthesis of the essential amino acids valine and isoleucine, hence stopping cell division and plant growth. Selectivity is due to rapid metabolism in the crop. Metabolic basis of selectivity reviewed (M. K. Koeppe & H. M. Brown, Agro-Food-Industry, 6, 9-14 (1995)). Mode of action Selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the foliage and roots, with rapid translocation to the meristematic tissues. Uses Selective pre- and post-emergence control of annual and perennial weeds and sedges

DISEASE/PEST: Post emergence weeds complex


CROP: Rice

DOSE/ACRE: 800 ml / Acre

DISEASE/PEST: Broad and Narrow Leaf Weeds Team Team is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to providing valuable agricultural information and resources in Pakistan. With a focus on promoting sustainable farming practices, enhancing agricultural productivity, and empowering farmers, serves as a one-stop hub for all things related to agriculture in Pakistan. Through its user-friendly interface and a vast array of content, the platform aims to connect farmers, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders, facilitating knowledge exchange and driving the transformation of the agricultural sector in Pakistan.

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