The Ministry of National Food Security and Research has emphasized that the wear caused to standing crops, particularly in Punjab, because of heavy rains is reasonable and there’s no probability of food lack of confidence or emergency scenario within the country.

“The losses suffered by farmers are indeed painful and the government is doing its best to estimate the damage and relief will soon be announced for the farmers,”

the ministry stated in a commentary on Friday.

It quoted Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan as pronouncing that he would visit the rain-hit spaces and meet the farmers and families there. He introduced that the federal government would provide each and every possible aid to the farmers. The ministry identified that latest reviews gained from the Punjab Agriculture Department suggested that there was once no danger of wheat scarcity and food insecurity in the country.

“The damage to wheat, maize and gram crops is moderate and does not indicate any shortage. Moreover, the speculation about wheat shortage is not correct,”

Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan (Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research )

it stated. According to the ministry, information of adlescent vegetation may be being gathered and the Punjab Agriculture Department is attempting to reach out to all conceivable spaces to gauge the actual loss. “Data from other provinces is yet to be received and a letter to this effect is being sent to related provincial departments.” The Meteorological Department has additionally been directed to stay vigilant and handle a steady liaison with the provincial agriculture departments in an effort to send timely weather experiences to the farmers.

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